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Woman Whose Parents Went Missing In 1959 Gets A Very Special Delivery (Photos)

Over half a century after her parents' death, a woman has received a “Christmas Miracle” thanks to a very determined complete stranger.

In 1959, Joyce Wharton’s parents boarded a plane bound for Seattle. The plane crashed and her parents were never heard from again.

The plane wreckage was found 15 years later, in the deep woods of Washington state, reports The Blaze. The unanswered questions Joyce and the rest of her family had lived with for so long finally were answered.

"They went out to the airport and left, but they never arrived in Seattle," Joyce told ABC 6. "So for many many years, we didn't know what had happened."

Now, more than half a century later, Joyce has received a very special gift that belonged to her mother: Her wedding ring.

The ring was discovered by Nick Buchanan, a Washington logger who came across it near the crash site.

Buchanan wanted to find the rightful owner of the ring, and with the help of his nephew and they were able to track down Joyce who lives all the way across the country in New Jersey.

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Buchanan called Joyce to tell her he had found the ring and wanted to return it to her.

"He said 'Joyce, I have your mother's ring, and I've been looking for you all these years and I want you to have this,'" Joyce said.

It took Buchanan years before he found Joyce, but his determination paid off.

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"My mouth was open," Joyce said. "I couldn't believe what I was restores your faith in human nature, because there's so many bad things happening. And yet there are good people out there, kind people. People persevere.

"To see a ring that the last time I saw this ring, my mother was wearing it 55 years ago, that's my Christmas miracle."

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Sources: The Blaze, ABC 6 / Photo Source: The Blaze


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