8-Year-Old Boy Reportedly Sexually Assaulted On School Bus By Two Other Boys


An 8-year-old boy was allegedly sexually assaulted on his school bus by two other boys of the same age and his mother is frustrated that not enough is being done.

The mother, who remains unidentified, says that her son, a first grader at Northbrook Elementary School in Fort Worth, Texas, was riding the bus to school on Feb. 18 when two other boys sexually assaulted him. They allegedly pulled down his pants and performed a sexual act before beating him up.

The mother showed KXAS cuts and scratches from when the boys allegedly kicked and punched her son in the stomach. She says the boys told her son, “Tell anybody, and I’ll hurt you again, and you’ll be in trouble, too.”

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The mother says her son recently told her that he was getting bullied at school, but that “this escalated from a bullying to a full-blown sexual assault.”

Sgt. Steve Enright, spokesman for the Fort Worth police said that an investigation is underway, but that there is little police will be able to do because the suspects are so young. 

No criminal charges can be filed against children under the age of 10.

“Where is the magic line?” the frustrated mother said. “That is the question. And what is the degree of crime that they can commit before they say, ‘You know what? Maybe you do need some sort of court intervention.’”

The alleged attackers have not been expelled from the school yet, but the school district said it is doing its best to address the victim’s needs.

“As soon as school and district personnel were made aware of the report, we responded immediately and have put every measure into place that we legally can to protect and support those involved in this matter,” a spokesman for the school said in a statement.

Child Protective Services is also investigating the incident.

Sources: KXASDaily Mail / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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