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Mothers Offended By Hotel Sign (Photo)

Mothers visiting the Village Urban Resort in Coventry, England, were upset by a sign left near changing rooms at the hotel over the weekend.

The note reads: “Polite notice: These benches are for bums - not bags or babies! Thank you.”

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Toni Bird, who recently took her 4-year-old daughter to the hotel’s club, told Coventry Telegraph that she was upset about the sign.

“I understand the premise behind the sign, but the wording is disgusting. They’ve just labeled both bags and babies as a nuisance.”

Bird added that she emailed the hotel about the sign.

Tthe regional director of the hotel, Stephen Cresswell, has apologized for the tone of the sign, if not its message, according to Yahoo Parenting.

“If someone has been offended by the sign that has been put up then we, of course, apologize for that,” he said. “But a sign like that would only have been put up from a health and safety perspective to help everyone who uses the club.” 

Mother Roni Tillman said the tone was, in fact, an issue.

“I’m appalled by the sign and the exclamation mark just makes the statement worse,” she said.

Sources: Yahoo Parenting, Coventry Telegraph

Photo Credit: Coventry Telegraph


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