Mother's Intuition Saves Baby From Falling Tree


A Washington mother's gut instinct to leave her living room immediately, seconds before a tree fell on her house, saved her baby's life on Nov. 22.

“As I was setting the laundry down, I actually heard in my mind, like instinctively, maybe, ‘Run!'” Tanya Tyler told KREM. “And I didn’t hear any trees at the time falling, but I turned quickly and grabbed the car carrier with one hand in front of the swing. As we took one step, you could hear the tree inside the living room.”

Carrying her baby with her, she safely escaped to the kitchen and was then able to get out of the Spokane home. She and her baby were unharmed.

The tree caused severe damage to the house. The family is now staying with relatives until the damages from the tree are repaired, which may take several months.

Tyler says she is just happy she and her baby are alive and well.

"I looked back, and the tree had just smashed where the laundry basket was where I was standing," Tyler said. "So if I was just a couple seconds later, who knows where I would be. So, am I grateful? So grateful. So grateful at this moment for my life, for the baby's life."

This isn't the first time a mother's intuition has saved a child's life.

As Anna Lind Thomas writes in an essay for Babble, her mother saved her from being involved in a car crash as a child.

"There are some things that just can’t be explained. That we are emotionally and spiritually connected to our children in a way that doesn’t make logical sense," she says of the incident.

Psychologist Eileen Kennedy-Moore's thinks incidences like these are less "paranormal" than they seem.

"'Maternal instinct' implies a biologically based, in-born knowledge that tells us how to parent. I don't know of any evidence of this in humans," she writes in Psychology Today.

Sources: KREM, Babble, Psychology Today / Photo credit: KREM

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