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Mother's Facebook Lesson Takes A Turn For The Worse After 4Chan Users Find Daughter's Photo

Kira Hudson decided to teach her daughter a lesson about why she could not have a Facebook page or Instagram account by publicly shaming her in a picture.

It did not go as planned.

Hudson posted a picture to Facebook on March 18 of her daughter holding a sign that read, “Mom is trying to show me how many people can see a picture once it’s on the internet.”

The status Hudson posted along with the image read, "My 12-year-old daughter doesn't understand why she can't have an Instagram or Facebook account... Please 'like and Share' ... She just doesn't get it!"

Within hours the image had been shared 54,637 times.  

Hudson was attempting to teach her daughter a lesson about internet privacy.  When the image went viral and ended up on 4chan, an image-based bulletin board, things took a turn for the worse.

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(image via Daily Dot)

4chan users found Hudson’s Facebook page, home address, and phone number. Hudson began receiving prank phone calls, and pizzas were delivered to her home.

A 4chan user also edited the photograph to include an alternate message that read, “Maybe you shouldn’t use your daughter as an experiment to prove your point. Just an idea.”

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(image via Daily Dot)

The image was eventually removed from Facebook by Hudson, after receiving almost 1 million likes.

In a statement to the Huffington Post, Hudson wrote:

“I am very grateful to all of the parents who have messaged my daughter and me, letting us know that because of our “experiment,” they were able to teach their own children more about Internet safety. This was one lesson that both my daughter and I learned very quickly! I had not anticipated it gaining momentum as fast as it did. It certainly opened my eyes to the fact that I thought my own private Facebook was secure. It was not as secure as I thought. Luckily for us, the information that was gathered by others was not my current residence or phone number.

I would like to apologize to the family who is living at our old address and let them know that I hope this hasn’t caused them much distress and the next pizza will be a gift from me. This whole thing has really proven the point, and I am hopeful that even though there have been a few bumps, others can continue to learn from our experience.”

Another mother, Lorraine Walls, took the shaming route on Facebook earlier this year to teach her daughter a lesson when she posted a video wherein her daughter was being verbally disciplined for her actions.

Posts such as these garner a great deal of attention on social media, but one parenting expert does not recommend public humiliation.

Alfie Kohn, author of Unconditional Parenting: Moving from Rewards and Punishments to Love and Reason, views public shaming as “counterproductive” and that it will “never achieve any result beyond temporary compliance, and it does so at a disturbing cost.”

Ed. Note: This article incorrectly credited HuffPo with an image that was taken from the Daily Dot. An edit was made.

Sources: Daily Dot, WHNT, Huffington Post, 4chan


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