Wild Mother's Day Brawl At Steakhouse (Video)


A wild brawl broke out on Mother's Day, May 8, between employees and customers at the Kiku Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar in East Point, Georgia (video below).

According to a police report, the brawl started after Demonte Harrison, a bus boy, was cleaning tables and a female customer yelled at him for smiling, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Harrison informed the customer that she couldn’t stop him from smiling, and a male customer reportedly punched Harrison. Next, three other males allegedly attacked Harrison, and all hell broke loose.

The brawl included an ice bucket, trays, plates and what appears to be a cart being thrown on a cellphone video of the fight.

No one was seriously injured during the brawl, WSB reports.

Police are studying the video to identify the four men and one woman who may face charges for battery, theft of services and inciting.

"I'm thinking, 'Wow, I’m going to have a lot of views on this if I post it,'" Sailyn Barlow, a teen who filmed the brawl, told WSB. "I'm thinking, 'Wow, I can't believe this is actually happening.'"

The restaurant owner, Charlie Son, said he lost about $5,000 because of the damage, the unpaid bill and customers who wanted refunds,

WSB posted the footage on its Facebook page and viewers had a lot to say:

Lord Jesus! Some folks ain't got no home training. And we wonder why these kids are out of control. Fix it Jesus!

That's not the show you pay for at a Japanese steakhouse.

Stay home like our family and show your love on the grill. Tempers are tender when your family have to wait for 4hrs to eat.

Where were the Japanese cooks with the high chef hats and butcher knives?!!... that stupidity would've ended quick.

Not a good weekend in the A black people fighting at the restaurant and white people shooting at the Lenox mall Americans is gone nuts.

Sources: WSB, WSB/Facebook, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / Photo credit: SlickTwoThree via WSB/Facebook

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