'I Was Getting Scolded Like I Was A Child': Moms Speak Out After Store Clerk Yells At Them (Video)

Two mothers say they were mistreated at a Dollar King store in Angleton, Texas. A video recording of the incident (shown below) has since gone viral.

Friends Monica Briones and Holly Montellano each had their four children when the visited the Dollar King store recently, KHOU11 reports. The store’s clerk, however, reportedly told the friends should take their children and leave the store.

Montanello decided to record the ensuing argument and post it to Facebook, where it has garnered more than 37,000 views since Nov. 8.

In the video, the clerk appears to lose her temper with the group and screams.

"You do not treat your customers that way," Montellano told KHOU11 about the clerk. 

Briones was also unhappy with the treatment.

"I was getting scolded like I was a child,” she said. "Spit was coming out, that was unprofessional.”

The clerk said that the eight children had messed up the store.

At one point, the mothers said they were concerned that the clerk was going to assault them. That's when they decided to take the children out of the store.

A store manager, however, told KHOU11 that the kids were causing a ruckus and a fellow shopper, Reesha Williams, agreed.

"The kids were tearing this store up,” she said.  "I think the clerk did what she was supposed to do.”

The women disagree.

“Our babies were actually just fine,” Montellano wrote in the video’s description. “When Monica put something down that she decided she didn't want… The lady behind the counter yelled at her to hand anything she didn't want to her. We had a basket full that I kindly told her I decided I did not want.

"The way she yelled at us here is how she yelled at Monica! She also yells about how many kids we have with us!”

In the future, the mothers plan to shop elsewhere, but the issue has been so controversial, the manager said the store has been receiving death threats. 

Sources: KHOU11, Holly Montellano/Facebook / Photo Credit: KHOU11, Screenshot via Facebook

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