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Mother's Husband Has Affair With Her Daughter

A woman is asking for advice after learning her husband of eight years is having an affair with her daughter.

The anonymous mother is from the U.S., the Daily Mail reported. She reached out to Ravishly's "Ask Erin" advice column for help.

"I found out in December 2015 that my oldest daughter and my husband were messing around behind my back," the mother wrote. "I confronted them and their response was all lies.

"Since then, I keep catching text messages they send each other, talking about how much they love each other. I also found love cards they’ve given each other."

The mother-of-three did not reveal the age of her daughter, but said she was an adult. She added that her husband is not the biological father of the daughter he is sleeping with.

"I cannot take it anymore," the woman added. "They won’t stop and I'm completely depressed, lost, broken, disgusted, and hurt.

"I need advice. I don't know what to do anymore. If I kick him out, I lose the house and everything. I can't stay stuck anymore like this, though.

"We don’t have sex or anything anymore either!

"Please help me!"

The mother signed the letter: "Lost and broken."

Erin, the advice columnist, wrote to the woman that her "sanity is worth more than any house or dollar amount in the bank."

"You can worry about your relationship with the daughter who is having the affair later on," Erin wrote. "Right now, worry about getting out of this very toxic situation, setting up a new stable environment for you and your child, getting some much-needed counseling, and looking forward, not back.

"YOU CAN DO THIS. It all seems very overwhelming, understandably so, but you do have options, and you can make your way out of this mess. Please reach out to me again if you need resources or anything else.

"And lean on trustworthy friends and family. I know you may feel humiliated by the situation, but you have done nothing wrong. Don’t keep this secret for them any longer. Allow your loved ones to help keep you up and afloat."

Sources: Daily Mail, Ravishingly / Photo credit: For Your Marriage

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