Mother Writes Post Blasting Sexualized Costumes For Young Girls


We’ve talked here before about sexualized Halloween costumes being marketed to increasingly young girls, but we’re not the only ones to speak on the subject. Lindsay Ferrier, an author and blogger at the Huffington Post, posted an article yesterday showing the stark contrast between costumes designed for children and tweens.

Ferrier was inspired to write the post after shopping for a costume for her tween daughter this year.

“In years past, her wishes to dress as a witch or mermaid or princess were pretty easy to fulfill,” Ferrier writes. “We went online, found a suitable girls' costume that would be warm enough for a chilly night of trick-or-treating, and ordered it. This year, though, the game has changed. Big time.

“According to the costume manufacturers of America, once a girl child reaches double digits, it is officially time for the Halloween hoochification process to begin.”

Ferrier posted a number of pictures illustrating her claim. Check out the contrast between the children’s and tween’s version of these costumes:

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The responsibility to stop the trend doesn’t fall on costume manufacturers, Ferrier writes. It falls on parents. If parents didn’t buy these costumes for their kids, companies would adjust their designs accordingly.

“Ten-, 11- and 12-year-old girls, on the other hand, have no real comprehension of the message they're sending when they put on a sexy Halloween costume,” she writes. “By wearing it, they become players in a game that they're absolutely not ready in any way to play. I don't know of a parent who'd disagree with me on this -- and yet -- the only reason these slutty tween costumes are available year after year is that PARENTS ARE BUYING THEM FOR THEIR DAUGHTERS.

So moms and dads, can we just all stop this right now?”

Source: Huffington Post


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