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Mother Works Three Jobs To Support Daughter's $1,000+ Per Month Shopping Habit

Plenty of kids would like to walk into a store and take home just about everything they see, but that’s where parents typically come into the picture and tell little Timmy "no, you can’t have all 20 of the new Lego sets."

One teen from the U.K. knows no such restrictions. Lauren Walsh, 15, openly admits that she gets just about any material thing she wants, and her mom works three jobs to make sure her life stays this way.

“I am soft with the girls,” Lauren’s mother Jackie told MailOnline. “I know that I’m soft, and even my friends will say ‘Say no to them Jackie!’ but I can’t.”

As a result of Jackie’s inability to say no to her child, Lauren has a huge wardrobe consisting of thousands of dollars of designer clothes, shoes, and accessories.  She openly admits that she’s never even worn many of the expensive things she made her mother buy her.

“I was begging my mum for these,” Lauren said, talking about a new pair of Hunter’s wellies. “And [I] said I’d wear them all the time. They were really expensive but I haven’t worn them once. Most of them I don’t even wear.”

Lauren estimates she brings home over $1,000 in new wardrobe items every month. To fund this incredibly expensive habit, her mother work three jobs – and is looking for a fourth.

“Lauren just loves shopping but then so do I,” Jackie says. “She probably get’s that from me. If you’ve got it spend it – that’s what I say. Nine times out of ten she does get [any item she wants]. She’s got me wrapped around her finger somehow.”

Lauren works a paper route to help pay for some of her material desires, but – surprise – her mother helps her with that too.

“I do it in the car with my mother because it’s easier and the bag is quite heavy sometimes,” she says.

Despite the strain it puts on her bank account and life, Jackie says it’s worth it to support her daughter’s shopping habit.

“Lauren's totally different when we go out shopping,” she says. “She's so full of energy and we have a good time and laugh and joke...It gives her a lift, I think, for that short while.”

Lauren will be featured on an upcoming show in the U.K. called The 12-Year-Old Shopaholic and Other Big Spending Kids.


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