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Mother Who Was Arrested For Death Of 2-Year-Old Son Gives Birth To New Baby While In Custody

A Texas mother who allegedly beat her 2-year-old son and then buried him alive has given birth to another baby while in custody.

Meagan Work, 20, gave birth to a boy in February, Fox 7 reports.

State District Judge Darlene Byrne now has to decide whether the baby boy should be put in foster care or live with a family member.

A hearing was held on March 9 and the judge is expected to reach her decision within a few days, according to KVUE.

Work was four months pregnant when she was arrested for the death of her son, Colton Brandt Turner, in September, after his remains were found in the woods.

A friend alerted authorities after becoming concerned about the baby’s whereabouts. Investigators interviewed Work’s boyfriend, Michael Brandt Turner, at San Saba County Jail, where he was being held on unrelated charges.

The following day, Turner took them to the site where he admitted to burying the 2-year-old’s body. Turner is not Colton’s biological father but he is believed to be the new baby’s father, according to KVUE.

Work had told investigators a few different stories about what happened to her son. She once told them that he was kidnapped and that she gave him away to a couple at a restaurant. She also told them that he died in a motel room, according to an arrest affidavit.

Texas Child Protective Services had received four complaints starting from when Colton was about 6 months old. Two complaints were not resolved because Work was homeless and difficult to track down.

A witness told police he had seen the mother slam the 2-year-old boy’s head against a truck before shaking and slapping him in July.

After Colton’s death, the family shared photos of his injuries on Facebook. The baby was seen with deep scratches and bruises to his head and back.

Work, who has a criminal history of animal cruelty and assault, was charged with injury to a child in Colton’s death. Turner was charged with injury to a child by omission.

It is unknown if Work gave birth to the new baby in jail or at a hospital or if she was allowed to spend time with the newborn.

A Travis County Sheriff’s spokesperson said deputies usually take mothers to a hospital to deliver babies. The spokesperson would not say if that was the case for Work, citing federal medical privacy laws.

Work’s aunt issued the following statement to Fox 7 regarding the new baby: "In order to protect this child from undue duress surrounding this tragedy, we decline all requests for comment. Please understand that Colton’s Law will save and protect thousands of children per year in Texas from suffering the same fate as Colton."

The family went on to explain on Facebook that, “Colton’s law would mandate state law enforcement to step in to search in cases where the child cannot be located and is in danger.”

The new born baby is currently in state custody.

Sources: Fox7, KVUE

Photo Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail


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