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Mom Accused Of Intentionally Starving 3-Year-Old Daughter

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A Mexican woman from Tijuana has been arrested after she allegedly refused to feed her 3-year-old daughter.

Guinerve Valentin, 26, was arrested when social workers discovered her daughter to be malnourished. The child also had bruises on her body.

Valentin allegedly stopped feeding the girl because her partner refused to give her money.

“I don’t care,” she reportedly told police officers, “I know she is dying.”

The starving toddler as well as two other children, ages 4 and 5, were taken into official custody.

Valentin told officers that she willfully neglected her daughter in an attempt to get money and a divorce from her husband.

“The woman has been arrested,” a spokesman for the police said. “All three children have been taken into care. The baby girl was not in good health but she is now being looked after by social workers.”

The 4- and 5-year-old were unharmed.

The mother will most likely receive a child neglect charge from the incident, according to the Daily Mail.

According to, 12 out of every 1,000 children are found to be victims of child abuse and neglect in the United States. 62% of these cases are due to neglect alone with almost 900,000 confirmed cases of abuse and neglect.

Source: The Daily Mail,

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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