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Woman Finds Out That Man Raped Her Young Daughter, Sets Him On Fire

A mother who set her daughter’s rapist on fire has begun her prison sentence.

Maria del Carmen Garcia’s daughter was raped in 1998 at the age of 13. The rapist was sentenced to nine years in jail, but paroled early in 2005.

While on parole he came in contact with Garcia after returning to the family’s hometown in Spain and asked her, “How’s your daughter?”  

This sent Garcia into a rage. 

Locating the convicted rapist in a bar in Benjuzar, near Alicante, on Spain's Costa Blanca, she doused him with newly purchased petrol, and set him on fire, reports The Local. The man died a week later as a result of the burns.

Garcia was initially sentenced to nine and a half years - a longer sentence than her daughter’s rapist, according to the NY Daily News. Her sentence was reduced to five and a half years by the Supreme Court due to an acceptance of partially diminished responsibility on her part at the time of the killing.

Thousands have signed petitions requesting clemency for Garcia, and she has maintained that she is not a murderer.

The final attempt to delay Garcia’s incarceration was rejected last week and she has begun her prison sentence.

“My ordeal is over,” Garcia said before spending her first night in jail.

Garcia’s lawyer, Joaquin Galant, plans to continue to fight for her release.


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