Mother Who Drugged, Suffocated Daughter Receives 37 Years In Jail


A Maine mother has received a sentence of 37 years in jail after she was found guilty of drugging and murdering her young daughter, Loh.

The prosecuting attorney Deb Cashman said that Leanna Norris murdered her daughter in order to prevent her ex-boyfriend, and father of Loh, from dating other women, according to the Daily News.

"She did not want [his new girlfriends] mothering her child," Cashman said.

Norris was sobbing as she took the stand.

"I want it to be known that I'm sorry to everyone that I have hurt," she said to the judge. "All I ever wanted was for her to be safe and us to be together forever."

In June 2013, Norris, 25, gave her daughter Loh Grenada, 2, three times the normal dose of Benadryl before duct taping her nose and mouth shut. 

She then reportedly smothered the child's face with a blanket so as to not watch her die. 

After suffocating her child to death, she then drove to a cemetery where she ingested the rest of the Benadryl as well as 200 capsules of Advil. 

However, after vomiting she then called and drove to her father, Steven Norris’s, house where he discovered his granddaughter dead in the front seat of her car.

Norris admitted to these crimes.

The defense attempted to claim insanity as she had issues with mental health in the past, citing depression and anxiety.

However, Superior Court Justice Ann Murray dismissed the notion of insanity and found Norris guilty of her crimes, sentencing her to 37 years in prison. 

Source: The Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Bangor Daily News, Facebook via pressherald.com


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