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Mother Who Drowned Her 4-Year-Old Daughter Found Dead

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A mother who admitted in 2011 to drowning her 4-year-old daughter was found dead at her home in this week.

46-year-old Rachel Cowley drowned her daughter, Isabelle, just minutes after assisting in the birth of a child conceived by her boyfriend and his other lover. Cowley and Nicola Charles were both involved in a love triangle with Christopher Everitt, and Charles' child with Everitt was born on Feb. 21st, 2011.

The three had begun a sexual relationship shortly after Cowley and Everitt met Charles, though Cowley was allegedly “broken and confused” when Charles became pregnant and her “world collapsed” when the baby was born.

The drowning reportedly took place at the hospital where the child was born.

“What happened was unfathomable to me,” Cowley’s brother John said at the time. “The only explanation is that Rachel was living in a situation that slowly got worse and worse. Eventually, she completely cracked to the point of killing a child – her own child at that. That’s not normal human behaviour.”

Cowley was originally charged with murder, but that was lowered to charges of culpable homicide due to “diminished responsibility.” Cowley reportedly had a personality disorder and was sent to a clinic after the death of her daughter. She was released last year, according to the Daily Record, and had been going by the name Maggie Conroy before her death.

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