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Mother Who Allegedly Tried To Drown Child Found Dead

A Florida mother who allegedly tried to drown her baby this summer was pronounced dead today, after an apparent suicide. Inakesha Armour was found unconscious in her Miramar home that she shared with immediate and extended family.

Armour had told authorities back in July that she had tried to drown her baby, Cayden, but when she noticed him start to turn blue, she pulled him out of the water. Police charged her with attempted murder after she was overheard telling her husband that she "did it again" when her baby was found unresponsive next to a canal. Authorities also had said that the mother admitted to previously trying to kill her son by giving him adult cough syrup and smothering him with a pillow.

Amour was out of jail on bond when she was found unconscious in her home on Tuesday. Her husband, Conlan Armour, told police that the family did their best to make sure Armour was always with someone else when she was in the presence of the child. Family members of Armour said she was struggling with post-partum depression.

Conlan Armour, 31, and the child’s grandmother, Grace Ann Brooks, 56, will still be charged in the case.  Currently, they are facing charges of child neglect with great bodily harm and failure to report suspected child abuse.


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