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South Carolina Mother Turns Herself In After Abandoning Baby In Dumpster

The South Carolina woman who recently abandoned her child in a dumpster on Thursday has surrendered herself to police after seeing pictures of herself in the news, said officials early Friday morning.

“She actually turned herself in yesterday about 8:30 [p.m.] after seeing pictures of herself in the news,” said Lt. Raul Denis of Horry County, South Carolina.

“As soon as that’s done I’ll be able to say this is her charges and this is her identity,” Denis said, unsure of exactly what charges will be dealt to the mother.

The child was found on Thursday by two brothers, 19 years old and 13 years old, who were taking out the trash when they heard the sound of crying coming from the dumpster. They found the baby with its umbilical cord wrapped around its neck, inside a bag with other trash, reports Carolina Live. The mother of the two teenagers, Jessica Price, immediately called police and helped clean up the abandoned child as well.

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“It’s extremely fortunate she was found. The baby was literally in trash bags in a dumpster. It’s a miracle she was able to breathe long enough to be found,” Denis said. “It was a blessing the kids were throwing away trash and cared enough to rescue her.”

The baby, who Denis says is “fine and healthy,” is currently in the custody of South Carolina Department of Social Services. The woman has another child, though there is no update about the status of that child, The State reports.

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"We wish to thank the media for their expedient dissemination of this information, which was key to its successful resolution," Lt. Denis added. The woman’s identity should be fully revealed relatively soon, in addition to her charges.

Sources: Carolina Live, The State,WFSB

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons, WFSB


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