Mom & Babysitter Trade Boy, 3, for Meth


How much meth does it take before you sell your soul?

A 3 year old boy is in critical condition pursuant to a series of events that saw him sold by its babysitter for a fix of meth to two men who used him as a sex toy, bludgeoned his head, forced him to drink bleach, before scraping the base of his head and part of brain out on the sidewalk.

From there the boy was exposed to bleach where he suffered chemical burns on his neck, face and eyes, before being left to dangle by a dog collar from the ceiling.

The boy was then allegedly raped and tortured for a few more hours before being returned to his mother, Leana Lauck, who instead of rushing the boy to emergency (how the boy was still alive is a mystery) continued smoking the meth that the two men had previously given her and the babysitter- Jennifer Chapman.

According to police reports the boy suffered for 18 hours before being taken to the Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma city.

To date the two men have yet to be apprehended, in the interim Ms Lauck and Ms Chapman have been both charged with child neglect.

On the surface one can argue that these women deserve all sorts of punishment and have failed miserably at being conscientious guardians, or even better- failed to even be decent human beings, but what will the state, all the therapy workers, the police have to say to this boy should he survive and he looks at himself in the mirror one day and wonders why he resembles the pungent backend of a collective self wound aimed at his innocent being.

Isn’t it time you finally put the meth away too?


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