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Mother Warns of Dangerous New Drug 'N-Bomb' After Son Dies

A mother whose son died after taking a new street drug called N-Bomb is coming out to warn the public of the drug's dangers.

Susan Wadsworth's 18-year-old son Noah Carrasco died after he took the drug thinking it was LSD. It has caused at least five deaths in the United States, including some in North Dakota and Louisiana.

Wadsworth said text messages sent by Carrasco before his death revealed that he believed he had taken LSD. He was a senior at Saguaro High School in Arizona, and was at a party when he took the drugs.

He snorted the drug through his nose and quickly became paranoid and was "freaking out," according to his friends. He then lost consciousness.

His friend drove him around for hours before he took him to the hospital, but at that point, he was already dead.

"It pains me so much that his final moments were spent in terror," his uncle Jay Wadsworth said.

Now, authorities are warning about the dangers of the drug. It is known as "N-Bomb" but is also called "Smiles."

They said the drug can be lethal, and because it is relatively simple to make, they fear it will be produced more. 

It can be made as a liquid, a powder or as tabs on a blotter paper.

When Wadsworth was interviewed by local news station KPHO, she said her son wanted to be a musician.

"My son was not a reckless person, he decided to try what he thought was acid, and obviously I didn't know this at the time. But he would never have tried something he knew was that dangerous," she said.

Police are also investigating the death of an Arizona State University student who took the drug a few weeks ago and died. 

Sources: Daily Mail, KPHO


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