Man Drowns Woman With Paint Before Burning Her Alive


A mother of two was killed in a horrifying attack by a man after she ended their relationship at a Christmas party.

Anthony Porter, 33, allegedly broke into 38-year-old Andraya Lyons' home after they had an argument at a Dec. 9, 2016, Christmas party. She reportedly told Porter that their relationship was over and left the party without him, according to The Sun.

After breaking in, Porter is alleged to have punched, stomped on, and kicked Lyons, along with hitting her with an iron. He is also believed to have poured gray paint down Lyons' throat and set her house on fire, burning her alive.

Porter turned himself in to authorities a few hours later, admitting to the killing, describing it as "five minutes of madness."

Porter received life in prison with a minimum sentence of 17 years and six months.

"This was a sustained assault beginning from the moment you broke into her home, with her shouting for you to get out," said Judge Peter Blair.

"She was entitled to feel safe and secure from you in her home but you broke in and you set about attacking her in a vicious way, using an iron and kicking and punching her," said Blair, according to the Daily Mail. "It is clear you inflicted suffering to her both mentally and physically before subduing her until she fell into a state of unconsciousness."

"What you then did to her unconscious body was appalling," he added.

Porter was known to become violent after drinking, according to prosecutor Colin Meeke. The night of the party, Meeke said, Porter had been drinking heavily.

He is reported to have become "loud, drunk, lewd, and aggressive" during the party, and even brought Lyons, who appeared distressed, to the floor during the night.

"He was pulled away from her, swearing aggressively and she told him that it was all over," said Meeke.

As Lyons left in a taxi without him, Porter reportedly said, "I'll break into the house and torch it."

Firefighters found Lyons' body in the home after neighbors said they smelled smoke -- a postmortem on her remains determined that the mother of two sons, aged 5 and 7, had died from blunt force injuries, smoke inhalation, and paint inhalation, according to Evoke. The firefighters also found blood on the iron, kitchen walls, and the porch.

At around 5:30 in the morning, Porter sent a text to a friend: "Some of us have angels, some of us have demons. Tonight the demons won."

In a statement, Lyons' grieving family described her as a "generous, fun-loving, bubbly, caring person who saw the good in everyone."

"She was not only a much loved daughter, sister, niece, aunty and friend but also a mother to two young boys who are now left to grow up without her love."

Sources: The Sun, Daily Mail, Evoke / Photo credit: Jimmie/Flickr

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