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Mother Turns Her Son In For Stabbing, Says He Aspires To Be A Serial Killer

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Police in Spokane, Washington, made an arrest in a downtown stabbing case thanks to the suspect’s mother.

Daniel Spain was arrested and charged after his mother spotted him in an ATM surveillance camera on the local news, taken seconds after the attack occurred, and then drove him to a police substation to turn him in.

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When Spain and his mother arrived, she informed police that not only was her son the one responsible for the stabbing, but he had also expressed his desire to become a serial killer. “It's come to our attention through detective and Mr. Spain's mother that Mr. Spain is, uh, well his goal is to become a serial killer,” Deputy Prosecutor Kyle Treece said.

In an interview with KXLY, Spain denied that he had a desire to live life as a serial murderer. He did admit, however, to having Multiple Personality Disorder, saying that one of his personalities resents women and seeks justice “against those who have wronged him.” Spain admitted that his resentment toward women was what drove him to carry out the unprovoked, random stabbing on Jan. 25.

“Being able to find someone alone and hurting them without anyone seeing or any witnesses it's kind of really hard,” Spain said.

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The woman who was stabbed reportedly ran to meet friends after she was attacked, thinking that she’d only been hit with something. While explaining what happened, her friends noticed a five-inch knife blade sticking out of her back.

Spain was charged with first-degree assault for the incident, and his bond was set at $100,000.

Sources: KXLY, New York Daily News / Photo Credit:


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