Mother On Trial For Accidentally Killing Her Son With Morphine

Marianne Willoughby, 50, is on trial for manslaughter for allegedly giving her son a dose of Oramorph, a morphine solution, “just for a laugh.”

Willoughby gave her son Christopher Rowley-Goodchild, 25, several shots of Oramorph after he came back to their Surrey, England, home after drinking with a friend in June 2013. 

Willoughby offered Rowley-Goodchild and his friend Kirk Ugle, 25, the drug, which she had been prescribed for knee pain.

“She squirted the Oramorph into our mouths. We said we were happy to take it,” Ugle told jurors, reports Daly Mirror.

Rowley-Goodchild reportedly took four or five doses before before collapsing and Willoughby told emergency services she believed his condition had been caused by epilepsy. She later told paramedics she gave her son 40 milligrams of Oramorph.

After being arrested, Willoughby told police “I didn't force him to have the morphine. I shouldn't have let him have it.”

Prosecutor John O'Higgins said Willoughby was responsible for her son’s death. "It is the prosecution case that the defendant, who sadly is (Rowley-Goodchild’s) mother, provided the Oramorph and administered it by literally pouring or squirting it into his mouth,” he said. "What she did was to administer her prescription medication to somebody that she knew was already drunk and to whom the drug was not prescribed.”

Willoughby’s defense, Graham Trembeth, has made the case that Rowley-Goodchild gave himself the drug.

The trial is expected to conclude next week.

Source: Daily Mirror Image from Marianne Willoughby via Daily Mirror


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