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U.K. Mom Tortures, Brainwashes Kids To Get Them To Turn Against Their Father

A mother from England reportedly tortured her two children in order to get them to lie to police about their father being the leader of a Satanic cult that raped children and drank babies' blood.

Ella Draper and her partner, Abraham Christie, allegedly created false stories about her former partner leading a secret sex ring at an elementary school in Hampstead, England. Some of the sickening allegations included that the father helped arrange for foreign babies to be drugged and mailed to London, where they were tortured and killed before cult members drank their blood and wore their skulls, reports The Telegraph. 

The father and other school administrators, including two teachers, a priest and several others, were also accused of having sex with children on school grounds and in an upstairs room of a McDonald's restaurant. 

Draper and Christie reportedly brainwashed her children -- ages 8 and 9 -- by feeding them "cannabis soup" and drumming fabricated stories about their father into their heads. Draper and her ex-partner split up in 2006 and their children first approached police with this story last September, while a bitter custody battle was taking place. 

But the children eventually admitted to police that their mother and Christie were forcing them to spread these lies and that Christie had been physically abusive toward them.

In the meantime, stories about the school and the children's father spread on the Internet and several websites were created in an effort to support Draper and her children. 

But, after a two-week hearing in which 16 witnesses provided testimony and the children were examined and interviewed, a judge ruled that the brother and sister were tortured and their claims were not real.

"I am entirely certain that everything Ms. Draper, her partner Abraham Christie and the children said about those matters was fabricated. The claims are baseless. Those who have sought to perpetrate them are evil and or foolish," said Justice Pauffley.

Pauffley also reportedly stated that Christie is guilty of physically abusing the children. It is believed that Draper, a yoga teacher who was born in Russia, has since fled the country.

Source: The Telegraph/Photo Credit: The Telegraph,


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