Mother-Of-Three Says She Was Arrested, Bruised By Off-Duty Cop For Cursing


A mother of three was reportedly arrested by an off-duty police officer on the playground – not because she was physically or verbally abusing her children, but because he overheard her cursing.

Roxanne Beaven, 24, was reportedly speaking with other mothers at the playground at Gray’s Farm Primary Academy when the police officer overheard her while dropping off his children at school, reports the Daily Mail. Beaven, who has a 5-year-old son, said she was with her 2-year-old twin boys Archie and George Lugg at the time she was chatting with the other mothers.

She says the cop heard her use the word “c***” and asked her to mind her language. He left and when he returned and reportedly heard her cussing again, Beaven says he threatened to arrest her, reports the Mirror. She admitted she told him to “f*** off” because she didn’t know who he was and didn’t believe he was a police officer.

Beaven quickly realized her mistake when the man reportedly grabbed her arm and wrestled her to the ground.

“He has bruised my arm,” Beaven said. “It’s disgusting what he has done to me. It’s so sore, it really hurts. I ran into the school and burst out crying.”

The mom has filed a formal complaint against the officer and says her swear words were used in a conversation and were not directed at the cop.

“He was so aggressive,” she said. “He was off-duty. To me, that is a parent attacking another parent.”

Another mom, 45, reportedly tried to pull the police officer off of Beaven and knocked off his eyeglasses in the process. She was arrested for common assault and Beaven was arrested for public order offense.

An Essex Police spokesman confirmed that they received the woman’s complaint and said they are investigating the matter and cannot provide additional comment at this time.

Sources: Daily Mail, the Mirror/Photo Credit:


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