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Mother Of Three, Michelle Reis, Spends $150 A Month on Food

One Sacramento mom and extreme “couponista” gets along fine with spending just $150 a month on food. Maybe not good food, but food of some sort.

Michelle Reis has couponed her way to saving $45,000 over the past six years.

On her long trip to work every day, Reis is cutting coupons. Every. Single. Day.

“I’m on the train cutting coupons, people look at me, but I just do it,” Reis told CBS. “I’m away from the house 13 hours a day. I only see my kids half an hour a day, so I make it work.”

In the last six years, she says she has saved nearly $50,000 on food, toiletries, and household supplies by using coupons. Even more impressively: the mother of three not only gets things for free, sometimes she even makes money.

She recalled a recent trip to Walmart for a sale where they would match the prices of other stores, and she was able to walk away with more than just chump change.

“By the time I used coupons, they owed me $215,” she said.

When this does happen, Reis said she donates the additional items she purchases to charities.

Reis has able to reach out to others by teaching a class on proper coupon use and starting the Facebook group “Coast to Coast Coupons," a page where people can get tips and tricks.

Couponing has seen a rise in popularity in the past few years, with even stores and their employees joining in on it.

Anna Marleau, a cashier at Your Independent Grocer in Dumas, Canada has saved customers more than $98,000 in the past ten years, according to Northern Life.

Sources: Northern Life, CBS News


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