Mother Tells Police her Young Sons Live in Tiny Storage Unit


A mother who was being questioned about slashing her boyfriends tires told police that her young children were living in a storage unit.

Sheena Johnson, 27, told authorities that her boys, ages 5 and 10, were living in a small storage space in Extra Space Storage Facility by Trenton, N.J. 

Police were in disbelief by her statement, but went to investigate, and were even more shocked to find that the boys were indeed living in the small, unlocked unit. 

"They open it up," Lt. Mark Kieffer said, "That's where their house is - that's where they're living. It was just filthy in there."

They reported that the boys were dirty but uninjured. They also did not seem to be malnourished but told the police they were hungry.

"We got them some McDonald's Happy Meals," Kieffer said. 

The boys were taken to a hospital and are now in the custody of the state.

People that rented nearby units expressed concern that the boys were living in the five-foot wide locker for months.

The unit had a small mattress on the floor and was full of plastic bags, suitcases and lawn furniture.

The mother of the boys has not been charged yet.

She rented the storage unit for $57 a month.

Sources: NY Daily News,Philly


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