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Texas Kindergarten Teacher to Kids: Santa is Fake

Kindergarten isn’t the place parents assume their kids will get their first reality check. It’s usually where kids can believe in magic and Santa and his elves and reindeer — where imagination is fostered and encouraged.

This wasn’t so for a Texas kindergarten teacher, whose only “dashing through the snow” this year was dashing the hopes and breaking the hearts of her 5-year-old students by telling them Santa isn’t real.

The parents of a 5-year-old girl received the unexpected news when their daughter came home from school one day and asked if Santa is real. (If any kids are reading this, it's a dumb question. Of course, he is.)

Wondering why she was questioning the existence of Santa at such a young age, her parents asked her why she wanted to know.

The parents told the Houston Press that she responded, “Because Mrs. Fuller said he wasn't real. She said ‘None of you believe in Santa do you?’ and said that you and mommy buy all our presents and put them under the tree. She said that you should tell us the truth.”

Mrs. Fuller is undoubtedly getting coal in her stocking this year.

A second coal-seeking teacher at the school supposedly asked the students to draw two pictures, one of something real and one of something fake. When a student drew a picture of Santa on the real side of the paper, the teacher said that he belonged on the fake side.

The mother, Susan Tietz Gammage, said she emailed the principal of the school to complain about the incident, who responded that he was “horrified” about the anti-Santa statements and that the teacher has been reprimanded and “given tools” to deal with the situation for following years. 


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