Mother Surprised To Find Something On Baby Daughter's Head (Photo)


Stunned mother Angie Widener couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw a ring-tailed lemur sitting on top of her nine-week-old daughter’s head at a wildlife park in Kansas.

According to the website for Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard, visitors may find themselves face to face with a kangaroo, have a giraffe eating from their hands or even find a lemur on their shoulder.

In Widener’s case, it was a lemur atop her sleeping daughter’s head.

Since park rules prohibit strollers from entering the lemur exhibit, Widener brought her daughter Finley in a car seat along with lemur friendly toys. Widener set the car seat on the ground and turned her attention to her two older children feeding the animals, when suddenly she heard a stranger laugh.

“Um, ma’am, there is a lemur on your baby,” the fellow park-attendee said.

Widener was at first shocked, but after the zookeeper assured her that Finley was safe, the family and other visitors had a great laugh.

“My two older daughters and I got a few laughs and we snapped some pictures,” Widener said.

The lemur scrambled about the car seat and played with the baby’s toys, though Finley continued to nap peacefully.

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