Mother Sues Her Own Daughter After Using Her Lottery Winnings For Plastic Surgery (Video)

A mother and daughter in New York will be going to court to fight over lottery winnings.

Linza Ford, 21, claimed a winning scratch-off ticket from the New York State lottery office for $1 million. She said she allowed her mother to access the bank account with the money.

Ford reportedly told her mother, Barbara Quiles, 51, that she could use the winnings to pay off debt, care for her younger daughter, and pay tuition and medical bills.

Ford now accuses Quiles of using the money to pay for plastic surgery, including a face lift, tummy tuck, breast reduction and oral implants.

Ford closed the bank account to prevent her mother from taking any more money and Quiles filed a lawsuit against her.

 Quiles claims that she made an agreement with her daughter to claim the lottery winnings because Quiles was ill.

According to Ford’s attorney, Quiles is on government assistance and may be charged with fraud if she cheated the government by asking Ford to cash the winnings.

Quiles has a prior conviction for welfare fraud. She was sentenced to five years probation in 1989 and had to pay $7,500 in restitution.

The mother asked Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Martin Solomon to freeze the account, which the judge granted for a temporary order. The bank account was frozen as well as a safe deposit box with roughly $50,000 in valuables.

Sources: WorldWide Weird News, YouTube / Photo credit: WorldWide Weird News


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