Mother Sues After Young Daughter Is Fatally Crushed By Conveyor Belt

Maryland resident Nathania Terry is suing after her infant daughter was crushed on a conveyor belt at Alicante Airport in Spain. Terry is suing Vanderlande Industries, the manufacturer of the conveyor belt, for negligence, wrongful death, design defects and failure to warn.

Terry was flying in from England’s Gatwick Airport on the day of the accident. When she landed in Alicante, she took her two children over to a luggage belt. She set her infant daughter Vashti, who was in a car seat, on a still conveyor belt as she as she walked over to grab the child’s stroller.

According to her lawsuit, “The belt suddenly and without warning turned on, throwing Vashti into a crevice where two different conveyor belts abutted. Ms. Terry frantically tried to rescue Vashti, but her efforts were unsuccessful. Five-month old Vashti was crushed to death on Sept. 18, 2013.”

Spanish authorities deny the airport or the conveyor belt's manufacturer are to blame for the tragic accident. They say the machinery met all safety standards and was installed properly.

The child’s death, authorities write, is “not attributable to the installation [of the machine], designed for the passage of luggage and not for the movement of people... It was due to neglect of those who were in charge of the child.”

When reached for comment by Courthouse News Service, Vanderlande Industries said they do not publicly comment on pending litigation.

Sources: Courthouse News Service, MailOnline


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