Mother Spots Something In Patch Of Grass Along Interstate, Takes Swift Action (Photo)

A woman from Idaho and her husband saved a pregnant dog's life -- and the lives of her nine puppies -- after she discovered the border collie lying in a patch of grass on the edge of Interstate 15 and realized the dog had been shot and left for dead.

Beth Stenberg says she noticed the dog before, when she drove her two sons to hockey practice in Idaho Falls. As soon as she realized the collie was wounded, she called the Idaho State Police and they helped her transport the dog to Bannock Animal Medical Center, reports the Idaho State Journal.

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Once a veterinarian examined the dog, which Stenberg has named Sis, they discovered she was two weeks away from giving birth and that the 2-year-old dog had shards from a bullet lodged in her back and shoulders. They drained the infection and gave her antibiotics, but weren't able to remove some of the shrapnel.

"For the extent of her injuries she never once tried to nip at us," said veterinarian Jamie Rantala told the Idaho State Journal. "She seemed to have an understanding that we were there to help her. She was a sweetheart from the get-go."

After she was treated, Stenberg and her husband, Mark, reportedly took Sis home with them, where she gave birth to four male and five female puppies. They posted photos of her and shared her story on Facebook, which prompted people from across the country to donate pet supplies and money to them. Stenberg says she has also received messages from people eager to adopt the puppies once they are old enough to thrive on their own. 

Stenberg, who already has a border collie whom the family rescued, says finding Sis and taking care of her has been a blessing at this challenging time in her life.

"The day before I rescued Sis, I got a call from my doctor telling me I had to have a biopsy," Stenberg told the Idaho State Journal. “I think the good Lord made it so I’d have something else to worry about.”

The family has named Sis' mostly brown and white puppies Suzie, Sassy, Oden, Chuck, Trip, Dottie, Rogue, Petunia and Valentine. 

Source: Idaho State Journal

Photo Credit: Michael O'Donnell/Idaho State Journal, Miami Herald


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