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Mother, Son Accused Of Beating Up 15-Year-Old Girl (Video)

A 15-year-old Northland, Missouri, girl is recovering after a group of her friends and one of their mothers allegedly beat her up and stole her iPhone (video below). The incident occurred in September.

One of the teens, 17-year-old Shane Shafer, and his mother, 36-year-old Shelly Matthews, both face second-degree robbery charges, and Matthews also faces a third-degree assault charge, Fox 4 KC. Investigators are reportedly still tracking down the rest of the suspects.

The victim, 15-year-old Jordan Koontz, said that she was with a group of two girls and three boys, whom she thought were her friends, when things suddenly went sour.

A cellphone video of the incident, shown below, was obtained by Fox 4 KC.

Warning: Violent content

When Matthews saw Koontz sitting on the couch next to her son, she yelled at teenage girl to leave the house, according to the prosecutors' probable cause report cited by Fox 4 KC. Matthews then allegedly grabbed Koontz by the hair and threw her to the ground. Both Matthews and Shafer are accused of then punching and kicking her. 

The group then allegedly drove the teen to a park, where they told her to give them her mother's iPhone. When she refused, one of the group members grabbed it, and they all attacked her.

"That's what you get for (expletive) my son," the mother allegedly says during the recorded attack, according to KPLR.

Koontz said that the voice belongs to Matthews, and her son recorded the video.

"Kick her in the face," the woman says in the video, while Koontz continues taking the beating. "Stomp her (expletive) face."

Someone later says that she hit the teen so hard that her fists hurt, Fox 4 KC reports.

"They kicked me in my ribs really bad," Koontz told Fox 4 KC. "They left, they got in the car at first and then they came back and beat me up again. And they were kicking my ribs, then they kicked in my face. Afterwards I coughed up a little blood."

She added that she asked the group to stop hitting her, and when they did stop, she ran up the street to someone's house.

Koontz had a gash on her face, and her ribs hurt following the attack.

“I just … It’s just crazy,” Koontz's mother told KPLR. “It was over a boy. The mother’s boy. He’s 17."

The video only surfaced recently, and the suspects were charged for the September attack on Oct. 22.

Matthews is out of jail on bond. Her son's case is sealed, as he is a juvenile.

"That’s not how you raise children," Koontz's mother added. "You don’t teach your children to go out and beat up other people."

Sources: Fox 4 KC, KPLR
Photo Credit: screenshot/Fox 4 KC


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