Mom Who Shot, Killed Husband In 1992 Shoots, Paralyzes Son In 2011


A woman acquitted in the fatal shooting of her former husband was convicted of shooting and paralyzing her son with the same gun recently. The woman, 66-year-old Linda Cooney, testified that both shootings were in self defense.

Cooney’s acquittal in the death of her husband took place in 1992. She claimed she shot her husband in self-defense after he attacked her with a knife during a heated argument. Kevin Cooney, the same son she shot and paralyzed in 2011, testified on her behalf as an 11-year-old at the trial.

Fast forward to 2011, when Kevin is left paralyzed after being shot by his mother. She shot him with the same gun she shot her husband with two decades before. Once again, Linda Cooney claimed she shot out of self defense. And just like he did as a child, Kevin defended his mother’s actions.

The shooting allegedly happened during an argument over Kevin’s ex-girlfriend, Karina Taylor, whom Linda Cooney didn’t like. She sent Taylor multiple demeaning texts in the past calling her a “whore,” a “prostitute,” and a “skank.” Cooney also contacted Taylor’s place of work and told people the woman was laundering money and drug dealing.

Taylor’s fear of Cooney is reportedly what led to the argument that ended in Kevin being shot.

Kevin defended his mother’s innocence from the moment she shot him. He repeatedly told emergency responders that the shooting was an accident and he refused to say who shot him. Both Kevin and his brother, Chris Cooney, testified in court that their mother shot Kevin in self-defense.

Court officials called bluff on the Cooney brothers’ testimonies, and believe they were lying in order to prevent their mother from being convicted.  Ultimately, Linda Cooney was found guilty of a slew of charges and sentenced to 41 years in prison. She will be eligible for parole after eight years.

Kevin sent a letter to the court on the day his mother was convicted and again defended her.

“My mother has been wrongfully accused and convicted of crimes she did not commit,” Kevin wrote. “It was by my own actions that I find myself in my present condition. My injury is compounded now by the anguish that I feel that my mother is unjustly incarcerated.”

Cooney was convicted of attempted murder, battery with a deadly weapon, and intimidating a witness. The court also found her guilty of stalking Karina Taylor. 

Sources: Las Vegas Review-Journal, MailOnline


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