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Mother Shoots Man Breaking into Home to See 19-Year-Old Daughter

A man was left paralyzed by a Tulsa, Okla. homeowner's gun after breaking into the house in hopes of seeing a 19-year-old girl living there.

Tulsa police responded to an early morning call Sunday after receiving reports of a shooting. They found a 19-year-old man lying in the backyard with a bullet wound.

Tulsa Police Department Captain Steve Odom said that the man had entered the home through the homeowner’s daughter’s bedroom window. The two got into an altercation, and the man punched the girl in the face.

Hearing her daughter screaming for help, the young woman’s mother ran in — grabbing a revolver and shooting the man.

"He had been struck at least once by a bullet," said Captain Steve Odom, Tulsa Police Department.

The man was taken to the hospital. He is expected to survive, but may be paralyzed.

Odom said there was evidence of a previous relationship between the teens, but the details have not been confirmed. No arrests have been made.

Unwanted visits ending violently seems to be a theme in Tulsa this year. In January a man was arrested for greeting a man entering his home with a fistful of brass knuckles. The man was allegedly sending inappropriate texts to Jermaine Clemons’ 16-year-old daughter and wanted to follow up with a personal visit.

Sources: KTUL, News on 6(2)


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