10-Year-Old Purchases Pumpkin Carving Kit With Sharp Serrated Knife


A mother in the U.K. was horrified to discover that her young son had purchased a pumpkin carving kit from the grocery store that featured a sharp serrated knife.

Natalie Greaves says she was shocked when her 10-year-old son Shay came home with the pumpkin carving kit from Tesco, a grocery store in the UK.

“I went berserk when he came home with it. I couldn’t believe that he could pick that sort of thing up as a child - there should have been an age restriction on it,” said Greaves. “If the tool can cut through a pumpkin I’m sure it could cut through skin. Shay bought it with the intention of doing a pumpkin but if he had fallen over with it in his hand or pocket he could have injured himself. I was also concerned that if he’d not shown it to me he might have naively taken it into school and then what would have been the outcome? It could have landed him in trouble.”

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When Greaves ran an online search of the product, she saw that many similar pumpkin carving kits required the purchaser to be 18 or over.

Greaves decided to contact the store and complain, but she was told that the clerk who sold Shay the kit did nothing wrong, as the kit reportedly said that it required adult supervision to use it but not buy it specifically.

Now, since Greaves has gone public with her story, Tesco has changed their policy regarding the sale of the pumpkin carving kit featuring the serrated knife.

“We follow a strict Think 25 policy,” said a Tesco spokesperson. “We were concerned by this incident and acted immediately to ensure all pumpkin carving knives will trigger an age restriction till prompt.”

Greaves said her son purchased the kit for only £1, which is a little more than $1.

Sources: Metro UK, Yorkshire Post


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