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Mother Severely Injured By Her Daughter's Boyfriend Before Son Chases Him Off

A Michigan mother remains hospitalized following an attack by her daughter’s boyfriend, and reports say that the woman’s son was able to chase him away with a baseball bat before he could do any further harm.

Randy Regan Jr., 23, was charged with domestic violence and aggravated assault less than murder for gruesome attacks that left his girlfriend’s mother, Barbara Troyer, hospitalized with head injuries and a possible brain bleed. Regan allegedly kicked the woman in the head during the attack.

According to reports, Regan returned to the Coldwater, Michigan, home from a bar early on April 10 and threatened his girlfriend Kristi Kiser, who was in bed at the time, The Daily Reporter noted. Regan allegedly punched her before she called out for help, and that’s when Troyer attempted to intervene. As Troyer ran into the room, Regan reportedly threw Kiser onto the floor and started choking her, threatening to kill both of them. Troyer and Regan started to fight before the woman was knocked down and kicked in the head.

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The attack likely would have been much worse had Troyer’s 17-year-old son not walked through the door as the brawl escalated, reports Fox 17. The teen reportedly grabbed a baseball bat and chased Regan away before the girlfriend and her mother were taken to a local hospital.

Regan was arrested and reportedly smashed his face into the acrylic window of the police car during the ride to the station. In his mug shot, blood can clearly be seen streaming down his face. He reportedly refused to wash it off until right before his arraignment later in the day.

A judge set bail at $100,000 and entered a not guilty plea for the 23-year-old after he asked about pleading insanity due to bipolar disorder. Regan’s girlfriend was treated for minor injuries while her mother was hospitalized for potential severe brain injuries.

Sources: Fox 17 Online, The Daily Reporter

Photo Sources: Fox 17 Online, The Daily Reporter


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