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Mother Saves Son's Life By Checking His Facebook

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A mother who voiced her concern to school officials after noticing threatening posts on her son’s Facebook page may have prevented a plot to seriously injure or kill the teenager. 

According to CBS News, the woman was checking her son’s Facebook page when she noticed that some commenters had publicly threatened to shoot him. She quickly notified the resource officer at her son's West High School, who took her report seriously. 

Salt Lake City Police Detective Greg Wilking claimed that he understood that the Facebook posts were not a joke and deserved an investigative response. 

“They were threatening his life on Facebook. Pretty credible threats. And there were also pictures on Instagram involving a weapon,” Wilking said. 

After following various social media cues, police discovered two teenagers nearby West High School with a handgun and a loaded magazine in their car. The teenagers were arrested on multiple charges — marijuana was also found in the car — and placed in juvenile detention. 

According to KUTV, the arrested individuals do not attend West High School and are suspected of gang-related activity.


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