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Mother Saves 5-Year-Old Son From Two Rottweilers

A 5-year-old boy was attacked on Jan. 13 in his front yard in Silverdale, Washington, by two Rottweilers.

When the boy’s mother heard her son screaming, she quickly ran outside and tried to stop the attack. Unable to stop the dogs, she had no choice but to lay on top of her son to shield him.

"So, she did the next best thing, which is really courageous," said Scott Wilson of the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office. "She laid herself down and covered the child, and the dogs started biting at her."

Wilson says the boy was playing with one of the dogs when it attacked him. The second dog, its mother, joined soon after.

According to 11Alive, the boy’s great-grandfather picked the injured boy up and immediately called 911. Wilson said the boy had injuries to his face, neck and head, which required surgery.

According to Daily Mail, the boy’s condition was upgraded from critical to serious. His mother was not seriously injured.

The dogs do not belong to the family, but the mother was watching them for her incarcerated ex-boyfriend.

The mother said the dogs had been at the home for about a month and there had been no problems or incidents.

"We have a situation where the dogs are temporarily being housed and by all appearances they were doing fine," Wilson said. "What happened here is anybody's guess."

The dogs will be turned over to Kitsap Animal Rescue in the meantime to test for rabies, a standard procedure in these sort of cases.

Wilson said he does not expect any criminal charges to be filed in this case.

Sources: 11Alive, Daily Mail   Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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