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Mother's Punishment Of Daughter Goes Viral, Sparks Controversy (Photo)

A series of screenshots on Reddit of a mother who allegedly shaved her daughter’s head and then posted the photos to Facebook have sparked a debate about whether her parenting tactics were appropriate.

This week, a woman posted the following status update:

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(via Reddit)

“[Name] new hair all cut because she wouldn’t brush it and i told her it was going to happen next time she ended up with a rats nest…hopefully this will be a lesson learned…”

The woman’s post quickly began to spread, picking up 420 shares in just 19 hours. Some said that the mother was free to do whatever she wanted with her daughter; others suggested that the combination of shaving her daughter’s head and then posting the images on social media was taking the matter too far.

“Wow, that is forced humiliation,” wrote one Reddit user. “I feel horrible for the young girl. Imagine what this mother would do for other types of punishments is worrisome.”

“All she had to do was give her a more manageable cut,” added another.

However, not everyone shared this opinion.

“Good - I hope she learns a lesson,” wrote different Reddit user. “The kid was warned what would happen, and still wouldn't brush her hair. I don't see what the problem is.”

Source: Reddit/Photo Credit: Flickr


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