Mother Who Was Told Her Daughter Died 49 Years Ago Gets A Big Surprise (Photos, Video)

A woman from Olivette, Missouri, was reunited with her daughter an astounding 49 years after she was told she had died shortly after childbirth. 

When Melanie Diane Gilmore was born at Homer G. Phillips Hospital, mom Zella Jackson Price, who is now 76, was informed shortly after delivering her that her infant had died. For reasons that are still unknown, Gilmore was then adopted by another family and eventually moved to Oregon, reports Fox 2 Now.

But Gilmore, who lost her hearing at age three because of a childhood illness, never lost hope that she would one day reunite with her birth mother, according to her children. Gilmore's adoptive parents told her about Zella Price and her daughter and son surprised her by locating Price on the Internet.

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Price, who is a well-known gospel singer, reportedly reunited with her daughter via a video chat that took place back in March. But they finally came face-to-face Thursday, when Gilmore and her daughter and son met Price's brother, Harvey, at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, before meeting Price in person at her house.

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"There's nothing greater," Price told Fox 2 Now. "There's nothing greater than this. Nothing.

"(God) has given me eveything the devil has taken from me," Price added. "I'm getting it back. I'm getting my baby back."

The feelings were mutual for Gilmore.

"I am just so happy...very excited," she told Fox 2 Now.

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As their families get to know one another, an investigation is being launched to determine what happened at the hospital to cause their separation.

The video below, from March, shows Gilmore's children revealing to her that they found her birth mother and captures the beautiful moment the two see each other via video chat for the very first time.

Source: Fox 2 Now/Photo Credit: YouTube.com


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