Mother Reportedly Finds Utility Knife Blade In Child's Shoe

A Texas mother is furious after her son was injured by a utility knife blade allegedly inserted in a new pair of shoes.

Monica Celestine bought her 4-year-old son a pair of Spiderman shoes from a Houston-area Wal-Mart. When Korrigan put the shoes on, she says her son got a horrible surprise.

"Put the shoes on and he started screaming,” Celestine told Click 2 Houston News. “I took the shoes off and there was a blade. After I inspected the shoes there was a blade on the inside of the shoe."

Celestine took her son to the doctor, as she was afraid that his foot may have been infected. She also notified Wal-Mart and the police.

"I don't know what's on the blade, what had been exposed to the blade, what had been exposed to him." said Celestine.

The mother said the way the blade had been inserted into the shoe was suspicious. It had allegedly been put into the side of the shoe between the edge of the sole and the fabric, sharp side up.

Two weeks after the alleged incident, Korrigan’s foot had healed.

"Just be careful,” Celestine warned. “Make sure you check everything, not just shoes. You never know what's going on either on accident or on purpose."

Wal-Mart told Click 2 Houston it had checked all the other shoes at the store and was looking into the alleged incident.

In July 2015, a British mother was horrified to find a razor blade lodged inside her daughter’s diaper, as reported by the Mirror. Josie Gordon claimed she found a sharp piece of metal when changing her child's "Little Angels" diaper from the supermarket chain Asda.

"Eliza can be quite fidgety so we usually open the [diaper] and put it out as she doesn't always like being changed," Gordon said. "There was something sticking out, I felt it and was incredibly sharp."

Father Bryan Bennett said the experience was horrifying.

"We don't always check the [diaper] when you get them out, we just open them,” he said. “You trust them to be clean and hygienic, and if it had gone on my daughter it would've been really horrible, we were really shaken.”

Sources: Click 2 Houston, Mirror / Photo credit: Click 2 Houston

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