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Mother Refuses To Apologize For Teaching Her Daughter A Tough Lesson

A woman who has dubbed herself the "World’s Meanest Mom" listed her daughter's truck on Craigslist as punishment (video below).

Amy Adams of Almelund, Minnesota, needed to punish her 15-year-old daughter because the teenager "decided that her grades don't matter," and that she can "disrespect myself and her siblings on a daily basis and that she has the right to skip school and run away from home," reports WREG.

As her daughter is preparing to get her driver’s license, her truck is about to be sold to someone else.

"She was on her 'one more chance and the truck was getting sold,'" Adams explained to KARE. "And she blew that 'one more chance' on Monday when she decided to skip school."

So, Adams listed the truck on Craigslist, along with the reason..

"If the person driving the truck on a daily basis will be attending North Branch high school next year, you will get a $300 discount," she wrote as part of the ad. "Why? Because I AM the World's Meanest Mom, and would love for her to be reminded every day next year of all of the mistakes she made."

Her daughter’s friends reportedly flagged the ad, which led to its removal. Adams posted it a second time, and it was removed again.

She received more than 400 responses to the ad, about half of which were from supportive parents.

Adams wants others to know it is necessary to discipline children instead of constantly trying to be their friends.

"Where's that going to leave them five years from now, 10 years from now, when they're walking around disrespecting the wrong people?" Adams said.

On the WREG Facebook page, most of the comments commend Adams’ parenting skills.

"You go mom, parents these days are so scared of hurting their kids feelings and would rather be a friend to their kids than a parent," wrote Melissa Blaire Jarvis. "That's what's wrong with society."

"Sounds like she's sending out a serious wake up call," wrote Mavis Sheffel. "She gave her daughter chances to behave but she didn't sooo. Life lesson be Responsible . Good parent not mean mom at all."

"Since when is that mean?" asked WREG’s George Brown. "She shouldn't think of herself that way. She's doing her job as a parent. School and family come before a truck or car."


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