Mother Refused Entry To Club For Being 'Too Fat And Ugly'


A U.K. mother claimed she was denied entry to a nightclub for being “too fat and ugly.”

Stacey Owen, 33, was reportedly out with friends on Saturday night when the group was refused entry to a club in Manchester called Neighbourhood because of their weight. Owen said that she and her friends attempted to get in but were held back by doormen while they let others enter. According to Owen, the doormen made comments about the women’s looks and weight multiple times in front of other patrons, Mirror reports.

“I know I’m not exactly a supermodel but I’ve never known anything like it in terms of customer service,” she told the Manchester Evening News. “We were so shocked we didn’t know what to do.”

Owen told reporters she initially was informed that they couldn’t be let in because the club was at capacity, but soon realized the doormen had lied to her.

“We were meeting one of our friends inside and at first we were told we couldn’t come in because they were full so we waited,” she said. “Then a group of women went in and we said ‘hang on what’s going on?’ and he turned to us and said ‘look, you’re too big and ugly to come in, I suggest you try elsewhere.’

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“I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard and asked him if he could say it again to make sure - he repeated ‘you’re too fat, you’re not getting in,'” she continued. “It was so uncalled for and I’ve never had anything so humiliating happen to me in my whole life.

"For us the night was completely ruined and we just went home.”

The young woman demanded an apology from the club, but has yet to get a response.

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“I’ve been in touch to report the incident since and ask for an apology but they don’t seem interested and I’ve had no response,” she said. “I certainly won’t be going back and wanted to draw attention to it because I don’t think they should be allowed to speak to people like that.”

Source: Mirror Online, Manchester Evening News / Photo Credit: mirror.co.uk


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