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Mom Receives Offensive Letter About Autistic Son (Video)

A Philadelphia mother was shocked and outraged after reading an anonymous letter sent to her about her autistic son (video below).

Bonnie Moran, a 32-year-old mother of three, took to social media to share her frustrations after she received a letter from an anonymous neighbor who had some harsh things to say about her and her 3-year-old son, Ryan Moran, who has autism and ADHD.

"I was mad, beyond angry," Bonnie told WPVI.

Bonnie said she was getting her mail one day when she noticed a handwritten note among the envelopes. She was shocked to read what her neighbor had written in the letter.

The letter reads, exactly as written, according to Philadelphia Magazine:

To the parent of the small child at this house,

The weather is getting nicer and like normal people I open my windows for fresh air. NOT to hear some BRAT screaming his head off as he flaps his hands like a bird. I don’t care if its the way you raised him or if he is retarded. But the screaming and carring on needs to stop. No one wants to hear him act like a wild animal it’s utterly nerve wracking, not to mention its scaring my Normal children. By you just standing there talking to him don’t do anything. Besides you look like a moron as he walks all over you. Give him some old fashioned discipline a few times and he will behave. If that child needs fresh air … take him to the park not in out back or out front where other people are coming home from work, have a day off, or just relaxing. No one needs to hear that high pitched voice for hours. Do something about that Child!

One of your neighbors

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"I was so angry. I was all red," Bonnie told Philadelphia Magazine. "And then I just sat down and cried for hours. How can somebody be that mean?"

The rest of the neighborhood was just as shocked by the note as Bonnie was.

"Whatever they said in the letter, I don't see that at all," Danielle McMahan, Bonnie's neighbor, told WPVI "I see him as being a regular kid."

Bonnie had some advice for whomever wrote the letter: "Get educated before you judge."

After sharing the letter, Bonnie said she has received an outpouring of love and support from the rest of her neighbors, and Ryan has gotten several calls for playdates.

Sources: WPVIYouTubePhiladelphia Magazine / Photo Credit: Bonnie Marie Lee-Moran/Facebook via Philly Voice

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