Mother Punishes Teen Son by Pouring Hot Sauce in His Eyes and Mouth

A boy who was punished by his mother with hot sauce is now in the custody of his father and his mother and her friend have been arrested for abusing him.

The boy, 14, had hot sauce poured in his eyes and mouth and was also punished in several other abusive ways.

He experienced a “pattern of abuse,” which included his mother Robin Willette Rumsey, 38, pouring hot sauce in his eyes and her friend Krista Jean Miller, 33, helping.

This type of cruel punishment happened for a year and included other unconventional disciplines which harmed the boy.

At one point, they duct-taped the boy and forced him to inhale marijuana. The mother and friend face child-abuse charges and the investigation is ongoing.

Authorities are still determining whether or not the hot sauce incident really happened, as Miller’s foster mother, Marsha Christensen, believes that they were wrongly accused as the father wanted to win custody of the child.

She doesn’t believe her daughter would ever discipline a child in that way.

“No, she was not raised this way,” Christensen said.

But West Valley Police Sgt. Jason Hauer said they have no evidence that it’s related to a custody fight.

“This case is full of mysteries. There are a lot of questions coming up that I don’t have answers to, mostly because the case is still active,” he said. “The arrests made two days ago with Krista and Robin are probably just the beginning of other allegations that are going to come to light in this case.”

The boy said the hot sauce was poured in his eyes because he broke a glass dish.

The two women were living together with the boy at the time in a house owned by Miller’s mother. Miller’s mother said she kicked them out for not paying rent.

Currently, there are no court records available on the case and it is not clear whether either of the women have lawyers.

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