Mother Pleads Guilty To Suffocating Newborn Son

An mother pleaded guilty in court on July 1 to suffocating her newborn son at her home in Belleville, Illinois, in September 2007, but maintained she was mentally ill at the time.

Elyse Mamino, 30, was charged with the crime last year after having been in prison since 2009 for the attempted drowning of her daughter in 2008. Her arrest came the same day as she was paroled from prison for that crime.

Police were called in November 2008 by a concerned relative when Mamino went in to labor. The responding officer found a baby girl in the toilet and was able to get her out and resuscitate her. Daily Mail reports Mamino had held the baby face down in the toilet.

The baby, later named Victoria, was in hospital for two weeks and made a full recovery. Investigations continued and in October 2009, a court convicted Mamino of attempted murder while recognizing she was suffering from mental health problems.

During a police interview as part of the attempted murder investigation, Mamino admitted to having given birth to a baby boy in September 2007, Assistant State’s Attorney Deb Phillips said, reports the Belleville News-Democrat.

Police responded by searching Mamino’s home, and discovered the remains of the boy in a basement drawer.

Mamino informed police she watched the baby take “one or two breaths,” wrapped it up in a towel and plastic bag, put it in the drawer, and “never looked at the baby again.”

In court, Mamino admitted to involuntary manslaughter and concealing a homicide, but also pleaded she was mentally ill.

Clinical psychologist Daniel Cuneo noted in a report that Mamino was depressed and suffering from a personality disorder. Although he said she was suffering from mental illness at the time of her crimes, he added she was fit to stand trial.

Mamino is due for sentencing on August 19 by St. Clair County Circuit Judge Zina Cruse. She could face between 12 and 17 years in prison.

Sources: Daily Mail, Belleville News-Democrat

Photo Credit: Police photo via Daily Mail


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