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Pig Eats Small Child in China

A horrific tragedy took place this week in a small Chinese village when a 2-year-old boy was eaten and killed by a mother pig.

The toddler, Wei Tsao, known as Keke to his parents, was playing in the garden when he wandered off into the sow where the pig had recently given birth.

Keke approached the piglets, and that’s when the overprotective mother charged at him.

The child’s screams were heard throughout the village, and his parents ran out to see the pig eating their child, with his head inside the mother’s mouth.

The child’s father, Sun Tsai, 25, said, “We had popped inside for just a couple of minutes when we heard the screams.”

Villagers came rushing to the family’s home, where they grabbed the pig and pulled her off the child. They tied the pig to a tree and cut open her stomach, where they found fragments of the child’s skull and his hair.

The leader of the village, Cheng Yuan, wanted it to be known that they did not kill the pig in vengeance: “This is a horrible tragedy. We had to cut the pig open, not as an act of revenge but to prove to the authorities that it had indeed killed and eaten Keke.”

Following the tragic incident, police urged village farmers to keep their pigs in pens, especially in areas where there are children.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Express / Photo Credit: The Daily Mail


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