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Mother, Partner Arrested After Torturing Six-Year-Old Boy In Dog Cage

A mother and her girlfriend are being charged with felony cruelty after police discovered the couple locked the young son of one of the women in a dog cage and tortured him.

The boy’s mother, Crystal Jean Hostetter, and her partner Sara Elizabeth McClain are at the heart of the scandal. 

One of Hostetter’s neighbors was watching television on Saturday evening when she heard a child screaming outside. The neighbor says she heard Hostetter’s son crying out “please don’t kill me” and “I thought you loved me.”

When the neighbor went outside, she saw Hostetter and her partner yelling at the boy as he was locked in a dog cage. The women then poured syrup and cat littler all over the child and made him hold bricks above his head in each arm.

The neighbor immediately called the Georgia Department of Family and Children’s Services but received no answer. She then reported the abuse to a school counselor who contacted police.

After police interviewed the 6-year-old boy, they said he was physically unharmed but mentally scarred following the incident. Amazingly, the boy was more concerned about his mom than himself after learning she’d been arrested. He asked police to help his mother in any way they could – an incredible request to make about the person who just abused him.

The boy is in foster care for the time being. Since the couple and the child just moved to Georgia from Pennsylvania, police are checking with Pennsylvania authorities to see if the women have faced any prior abuse allegations.  

Sources: 11 Alive, New York Daily News


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