Mom Left Starving Baby In Stroller To Party With Pals (Photos)

Mom Left Starving Baby In Stroller To Party With Pals (Photos) Promo Image

A teenage mother has been taken into custody after she allegedly left her 9-month-old son to starve to death as she went to visit with her college friends.

Viktoria Kuznetsova, 17, reportedly abandoned her 9-month-old as she went out to visit with college friends, according to The Sun. The mother left the boy strapped in his stroller and locked in the house for several days, leaving him to starve to death.

Viktoria lived with her son and husband in the home before her husband was called up to active military service, leaving Viktoria with sole responsibility of the child. When the husband left, Viktoria reportedly locked the child away and spent a week partying with her friends.

A day after leaving the home, Viktoria posted on her social media page that "everything is ok," although it was not clear what the post was in reference to. Later, she posted an update that she was “hanging out with Nastya, I've dyed my hair black.”

The third post was slightly more cryptic but also was not clear on its intended subject.

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"We argue, we're holding grudges and getting angry with those whom we love sincerely and whom we're afraid of losing," she wrote.

Neighbors notified police after not seeing Viktoria or the baby for several days and becoming concerned about the situation.

When police entered the family home in Rostov, Russia, they found the boy motionless in his stroller.

Viktoria had spent the previous week living in a college dormitory, telling friends and others that her son was spending the week with his aunt.

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Viktoria was arrested by Russian authorities after her son's body was discovered, according to Daily Mail, and she later admitted that she did not want to care for the child any longer. Viktoria had reportedly placed the baby in an orphanage when he was an infant, but was given back the child a few months later.

Vikoria's unnamed husband said he's actively seeking a divorce after the incident.

She faces 10 years in jail if convicted in the death of the child, according to The Sun.

"Why did the orphanage return the baby to her when she didn't want it?" asked one Daily Mail reader. "Poor father, I hope he will get over this horrible ordeal, at least the boy is not suffering at the hands of the monster anymore."

Another commenter wished that Viktoria would receive a harsher sentence for the crime: "Her punishment should be death by starvation. Put her through what her baby went through."

Sources: The Sun, Daily Mail / Featured Image: Alexander/Flickr / Embedded Images: VK.com via Daily Mail

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