Mother Outraged After Teacher Disciplines Her 8-Year-Old Child By Chipping His Tooth


A Georgia mother wants answers as to how her 8-year-old son ended up with a chipped tooth after attending an In School Suspension program.

Sadeirdra Canady is not pleased with the way Jackson Heights Elementary school is handling the investigation on how her son Deontae Harris ended up with a chipped tooth after being watched by the school’s P.E. teacher.

“Any other time that Deontae gets in trouble in school they call and report it, you know doing anything,” Canady told WALB. “No one called it was like they was trying to cover it up.”

The incident occurred last month. Deontae told his mother that the teacher put him between his legs to spank him. The blows were so powerful that it drove the first grader face-first into a wall, Raw Story reported.

“He put me between his legs and spanked me and after that he throwed me to the wall,” Deontae said.

The boy told his mother that the school’s assistant principal hit him as well. Canady admitted that she gave the school principal permission to spank her child, but no one else.

Canady wants to know why the In School Suspension teacher was punishing Deontae in the first place. She felt the investigation was not being handled with any sense of urgency.

“This is what three, four weeks later now and the investigator just now coming to interview me?” she said.

Assistant School Superintendent for Support Services Jack Willis explained to WALB that he had just received the documents necessary to proceed with the investigation.

“At this point I received a call from her this morning telling me about this and then later in the morning I received a copy of the incident report and right now our folks are investigating it," he said. “There has been no action taken at this point because we don’t know exactly what happened.”

The names of the teacher and assistant principal have not been disclosed.

Source: Raw Story, WALB / Photo Credit: Raw Story


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